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IT2 750 ST

Configuration: Rotary Press
Finished product: Boots
Material: Thermoplastics PVC TR TPU

Rotary machine for the production of sandals, shoes and ankle boots up to 41 cm high in two-color thermoplastic materials.
Materials used: pvc, tr and tpu.

Technical details

Number of stationsn. 6/8/10/12
Number of injectorsn. 2
Diameterø 80 e ø 90 mm
L/D ratioL/D 18 e 22
Injection volumecc 1500 / 1800
Theoretical max injection flow ratecm3/sec 400 / 600
Hydraulic Motor Displacementcc 800+800
Max screw rotation speedrpm 150 / 150
Max torque at 120 rpmdaNm 600 / 600
Standard mold sizemm 840x750
Max heating powerKw 10 / 12
Force Closing mold holderGuaranteed by mechanical hydraulic system
Automatic mold holder openingStandard
Blowing air into the moldsStandard
Mold coolingStandard
Maximum height of the moldsmm 188
Press closing forcekN 2200 / 1600
Energy saving plumbingStandard (Brushless Optional)
Maximum service pressurekg/cm2 140
Proportional flow valvesStandard
Proportional speed valvesStandard
Electric unit with Plc and Video Touch screenStandard
Total installed powerkW 96 (Brushless kW 85)
Average steady-state consumptionkW 67 (Brushless kW 50)

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