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Configuration: Rotary Press
Finished product: Technical Articles
Material: Recycling Materials

Galaxi is a rotary machine that enables the production of items made of thermoplastic materials, including recycled materials at 6 or 8 stations. Press that provides a clamping power of 1,200 KN

GALAXI M102 Technical Details

Number of Stationsn. 4/6/8
Number of Injectorsn. 1
Diameterø65 o (ø75 mm on request)
L/D ratioL/D 21 o 20
Injection Volumecc 1150 / 1350
Theoretical Max Injection Flow Ratecm3/sec 320 / 360
Hydraulic Motor Displacementcc 500
Max Screw Rotation Speedrpm 180
Max torque at 120 rpmdaNm 100 / 110
Standard Mold Sizemm 300x400
Max Heating PowerKw 7
Force Closing Mold HolderGuaranteed by Mechanical Hydraulic System
Automatic Mold Holder OpeningStandard
Blowing Air Into the MoldsStandard
Mold CoolingStandard
Maximum Height of The Moldsmm 160
Press Closing ForcekN 1200
Energy Saving Hydraulic SystemStandard (Brushless Optional)
Maximum Service Pressurekg/cm2 140
Proportional Flow ValvesStandard
Proportional Speed ValvesStandard
Electric unit with Plc and Video Touch screenStandard
Total Installed PowerkW 37 (Brushless kW 36)
Average Steady-State ConsumptionkW 15 (Brushless kW 11)

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